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Using the Unit Outlines Channel

The unit outlines channel uses your enrolment information to save you time and effort. It displays all the units in which you are currently enrolled in and allows you to plan your timetable.

  • Plan Your Timetable - This service is only applicable to students studying at the Bentley, Kalgoorlie, and Perth City campuses.

Unit information displayed in this channel may take 24 hours or more to update from eStudent. For up-to-date enrolment details, please check eStudent.

If a unit outline is available, an Outline link will appear in the "Outline" column. These will only be accessible to computers connected to Curtin's network (lab computers, for example).

The Handbook links under the heading "Handbook" take you to Curtin online handbook entry for the unit.

Where Reserve Items appears under the heading "Library" you can click the link to go direct to the Library catalogue and see all items in the Library's eReserve which relate to the unit.