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Commonwealth Supported and Domestic Fee Paying Students have the option to either defer their tuition fees through the Higher Education Loan Programs (HECS HELP or FEE HELP respectively), or pay their tuition fees upfront to the University. In order to meet the requirements to defer your tuition fees, you must supply a valid Tax File Number (TFN) to the University on or before the study period census date. If you have not paid up front, or provided a valid TFN for deferral by the study period census date, you will risk cancellation of your university enrolment.

Why am I seeing an alert?

If seven days prior to the study period due date you have not provided a valid TFN, or paid your tuition fees in full, the No TFN alert will appear on the welcome tab of your OASIS. This alert provides you with links to additional information about either paying upfront, or providing your TFN. The alert will remain until you have taken the appropriate action.

I've applied for a TFN, but I'm not sure I'll receive it before the due date.

When you apply for a Tax File Number, you must request a Certificate of Application for a Tax File Number which has to be provided to the university to ensure you avoid cancellation whilst waiting for your TFN.

Why won't the alert go away?

It may take up to 72 hours for your fees or deferral to be processed. If you believe you are seeing the alert in error, please contact OASIS Central immediately.