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Using the Sanctions Channel

A sanction is a warning that is applied to a student's record to alert staff and the student to outstanding requirements, such as non-payment of fees or charges, that may prevent the student from accessing results, re-enrolling or graduating.

The Sanctions channel advises if you have a sanction on your student record, and can be found on the My Studies tab in OASIS.

Why do I have a sanction?

It depends on the sanction. Most are due to unpaid fees, but can also relate to other issues such as address details or overdue library books. Each sanction code has its own descriptor and information about who you should contact for more information.

How can I get rid of a sanction?

Each sanction on the Sanctions channel will explain what you need to do in order to remove it from your record. For example, paying an outstanding fee will lift a fee-related sanction within 24 hours (Note: processing of payments may take up to 3 days).