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Quick Forms

The Quick Forms channel is located at the bottom right of the My Studies tab, and allows you to print student administration forms with your current recorded personal and course details pre-populated (already filled in). The accurate population of your information will save you having to look up course details and information not readily available to you. Pre-populating your details also assists Curtin's administration staff as the person who processes your form will know these details are correct.

Once the Quick Form has been printed you will be required to fill out any additional information and submit the form to the appropriate contact office. As not all administration forms will be available as Quick Forms, if you are unable to find the form you require, forms can be printed from:

Additional administration forms will continually be added to the Quick Forms channel.

If your details are incorrect

If you notice that your address or phone details are incorrect you will need to update them in eStudent. To access eStudent, click on the link in the eStudent channel. Once your details have been updated they can take up to one hour to update onto your Quick Form.

If your name, date of birth or course details are incorrect please contact your Student Service Office to have this rectified.

If you can't click on a form

If you have more than one course on your student record the list of PDF forms will be disabled until you select a course from the drop down list. Once a course is selected from the drop down list, the links to the PDF forms will be enabled and the data relevant to the selected course will populate along with your current recorded personal details.

Submitting your form

Once the form has been printed and any additional information is filled in, the form must be signed and; posted, faxed or handed into the appropriate office (each form will specify who the appropriate contact office is).

Quick Forms require Adobe Reader (Version 6 and above), you can Download the latest version of Adobe Reader from the Adobe web site.