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Policies and Procedures

Unauthorised access to Curtin ICT facilities and services and/or misuse of these may result in penalties under Curtin University regulations, Western Australian State legislation and Commonwealth of Australia legislation. Accordingly, all persons attempting to use this service should familiarise themselves with the terms and conditions that apply to use of this service. The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Policy Manual sets out what you need to know about using Curtin's ICT Facilities and Services, this manual includes the following policies:

  • Information Security Policy - To ensure that ICT facilities, services, programs and data are protected from threats.
  • ICT Use Policy - To ensure that the members of the University community may use ICT facilities and services in an appropriate and responsible manner.
  • ICT Electronic Messaging Policy - To ensure the University's electronic messaging services are used in an appropriate and responsible manner.
  • ICT Breach Management Policy - To deal with inappropriate or irresponsible use of University Information and ICT facilities and services.
  • ICT Defence Policy - To defend ICT facilities and services against attacks by computer malware.
  • ICT Password Policy - To control the risk of unauthorised access to University ICT facilities and services by using single factor passwords.
  • Web Server Standards Policy - To minimise risks to the University that may arise as a result of incorrect information being made available through unauthorised Curtin web sites.
  • ICT Monitoring Policy - To ensure that the monitoring and inspection of information stored on ICT facilities and services is done in an appropriate and responsible manner.

To find out more about other Curtin Policies and Procedures, visit the Curtin Policies and Procedures web site.