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Using the Official Communications Channel (OCC)

Official University correspondence sent to you via OASIS is delivered to the Official Communications Channel (OCC) on your Welcome tab. Not to be confused with Student Email, the OCC is a separate electronic message system designed to replace official letters traditionally sent by post to students.

Messages sent by OCC cannot be deleted and it is a condition of enrolment that all Curtin students check their OCC at least weekly. Curtin monitors if and when students read their official communications.

In this section find out how to:

Image of the official communications channel

Open a Communication

Your unread messages are listed in the Official Communications channel on the Welcome tab. Unread messages more than 1 week old are highlighted in red.

Click on the communication subject or sender. The communication will open in a new window*. Click Close Window to close the communication.

To view your complete OCC inbox (both read and unread messages) click View your complete inbox above your unread messages.

Open an Attachment

If one or more files have been attached to a communication, a paperclip is displayed next to the item in your inbox. To view attachments first open the communication then:

  1. For each attachment, click on the attachment name to open the attachment for reading and printing.
  2. To print an attachment, when it opens in its native application (e.g. Microsoft Word), click on the print icon in the toolbar, or select Print from the File menu.

Archive a Communication

Only read communications can be archived. To archive one or more read communications:

  1. Click View your complete inbox above your unread messages on the Welcome tab.
  2. Click the checkbox next to the item(s) you wish to archive.
  3. Select Move to inbox archive in the Select action... drop down, then click Go.
  4. To view your Inbox Archive, select Inbox Archive in the View drop down and click Go.

Print a Communication

Open the communication and click the Print Preview button at the top right. The communication will be displayed in print preview mode in a new window.

  1. To print the communication, click the print button at the top right.
  2. Click Close to close the print preview window.

*Certain security software, such as Firewall software, Ad blocking software, Popup blockers, Web browsers with built in popup blocking, and Anti virus software may prevent the new window appearing. If software like this is installed on your computer, look in the documentation for ways to disable popup blocking or adding "" to a list of safe web sites (web sites for which you do NOT wish to have pop-ups blocked).