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Losing your access

If your offer is about to lapse, you are terminated from your course, withdraw or defer, you will lose your access to OASIS after 45 days. Within 30 days of your access dropping off, you will see an alert advising that you will soon lose your access.

When your OASIS access lapses, you will lose access to all of the OASIS services and your personal information contained within these services, this includes:

  • Official Communications from the University
  • Student email - email messages and contact addresses
  • Access to your results through eStudent

It is important that a number of tasks are carried out before losing your access.

After completing your course at Curtin, you will retain lifetime access to OASIS and your student email. However, only graduates who have completed their course after 2010 will retain life-time access to their Curtin provided student email address.

Save your emails

Email messages from your student email account can be retained by either printing the emails into hard copy or forwarding them to an alternative email account.

To Print an email, open the message and click on the Print icon at the top of the message. The full email message will print as a hard copy record.

To Forward an email, open the email message and click the Forward icon, type the alternative email address in the To field and click on the Send icon. By forwarding emails you retain a soft copy of the email.

Save your email contacts

Once access is lost to OASIS, contact addresses saved in your student email account will no longer be accessible. It is advised that all contact details are forwarded to an alternative email account.

To view all of your contacts, click on the Contacts option in the bottom left hand corner of the email window. To forward contacts to an alternative email account, click on the display name to highlight the contact (multiple contacts can be selected by holding Crtl and clicking additional names) and click on the Forward icon. Enter the email address you wish to forward the contacts to and click Send.

Save your Official Communications

Official Communications are your main form of official communication with the University. It is advised that before losing your access you keep records of any communications that you may need to refer to in the future. Official Communications can be printed in hard copy or forwarded to email.

To print or forward an Official communication click on the View Your Complete Inbox link within the Official Communications channel.

To Print the communication click the Print Preview button above the communication. It will then be displayed in print preview mode in a new window.

  1. To print the communication, click the print button at the top right.
  2. Click Close to close the print preview window.

To Forward the communication click the Forward to email button above the communication. Enter an external email address in the Forward Communication to field.

  1. To forward the communication on to an email account, click Send.
  2. Click Cancel to return to the inbox.

Image of the OCC inbox

Save your results from eStudent

Once you lose access to OASIS, you will also lose access to eStudent and all of the eStudent services. A complimentary copy of your results, the Academic eRecord, can only be accessed from eStudent. Once you lose access to OASIS, should you require a copy of your results, you will incur a charge.

It is advised that you save a PDF copy of the Academic eRecord before losing your access. Instructions on accessing your Academic eRecord can be viewed from the eStudent help.