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About the Unit Evaluation Channel

Units available for evaluation

eVALUate has two survey instruments for you to give feedback about teaching and learning:

  1. A unit evaluation survey (which asks your perceptions of what helps and hinders your achievement of unit outcomes), and
  2. A teaching evaluation survey (which asks you to give feedback to individual teachers on their teaching effectiveness).

The eVALUate unit and teaching survey instruments are available online for undergraduate and postgraduate coursework units at Curtin's Australian campuses and Sarawak campuses for six events each year. These events are Summer School, Semester 1, Semester 2, Trimester 1, Trimester 2 and Trimester 3.

eVALUate is also open for some offshore campuses and for many other study periods. See eVALUate dates for a list of eVALUate dates for each year, the event dates and the study periods that will be included in each event.

Using eVALUate: Advice to students

Your comments are extremely important to the University. They will be used by teachers and other University staff, such as your Unit Coordinator and Head of School, to help us understand what is helping or hindering you in achieving your unit learning outcomes. They will also be used to make adjustments to teaching and learning practices where necessary. See Responding to Student Feedback to find out what changes are being made as a response to your feedback.

To ensure your comments are constructive:

  • Be precise: Provide focused feedback that will allow us to determine what is working well for you, as well as what is not working so well.
  • Be specific: Wherever possible, try to provide examples to clarify your comments. Explain clearly why you are being complimentary or critical and be constructive by providing suggestions for how you think a unit could be improved.
  • Be professional: Remember that your feedback will be used to help improve your course. Provide feedback on how the unit designers can better help you to achieve the learning outcomes. In keeping with Curtin's Values and signature behaviours, comments which could be considered offensive, abusive, racist or sexist are unacceptable.

Thank you for using eVALUate.