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eStudent is an online view of your details that are kept on the Curtin student database.

To access eStudent, go to the My Studies tab, then click the eStudent button in the Important Links channel at the top left of the screen.

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What information can I see in eStudent?

  • Personal Details - Your name, date of birth and formal name (the one that will appear on your award).
  • Citizenship and Residency Details - A summary of details recorded about your citizenship as they relate to your studies.
  • Cultural Details - A summary of details about your cultural background.
  • Educational Background - A summary of details of different educational levels attained.
  • Study Plan Details - A study plan shows the units of study for the course you are studying. Listed are the completed units, currently enrolled units and anything that is currently planned for future study to complete the course.
  • Current Enrolment - Lists all the units in which you are currently enrolled. From this page you can view and print an Enrolment Advice.
  • Curtin Provided Email Address - This is the email address provided to you by the University and accessed via the email package provided in OASIS. It is the preferred email address and will be used by University staff when communicating via email.
  • Result Details - A full list of unit results is displayed for each course you have been associated with at Curtin. From this page you can view and print a complete Academic eRecord (transcript).
  • Financial Transactions - All enrolment and other fees that haven't yet been paid or deferred are viewable from the Current Debt menu item. All transactions are displayed with the date the fee is due. Lines highlighted in red have passed the due date and are overdue.

What can I do in eStudent?

You can update some of your details in eStudent:

  • Address Details - All address details can be updated via eStudent. There are certain rules regarding what is appropriate for the different address types. Information about these rules can be found in the Address Details window.
  • Phone Details - Home, work, mobile and fax numbers can all be recorded and updated as they change.
  • Student Provided Email Address - You may record an alternate email address, but this will not be the preferred email used by University staff to communicate with you.
  • Disability/Medical details - This section allows you to indicate any disabilities and/or medical conditions that may apply to you and request current information about Curtin’s disability support services, equipment and facilities. If you require support from disability services please contact Disability Services directly in addition to completing this section.
  • Print a copy of your eInvoice - All your outstanding tuition fees can be viewed and a hard copy printed at any time from the My Finances tab.
  • Enrolment and Withdrawal - Selected courses have been set up to allow students to self enrol and to withdraw from their studies. Your Student Services Office will have contacted you if this facility is available to you.
  • Class Registration/View Timetable - Selected courses have been set up to allow enrolled students to register into individual classes for lectures, tutorials etc. Once registered, you can also view the timetable relevant to your units. Your Student Services Office will have contacted you if this facility is available to you.