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The eInvoice alert will appear when you have an invoice available for download from eStudent. Your eInvoice tells you how much you currently owe, when the payment is due, and how you can pay it.

Where can I find my eInvoice?

By clicking on the 'Download my eInvoice' button in the eInvoice alert, you will be taken straight to the 'My Finances' tab in eStudent, where you can generate the invoice.

You can generate your invoice again even if the alert has disappeared, by logging into eStudent via OASIS and navigating to the ‘My Finances’ tab.

Why won't the alert go away?

It may take up to 24 hours for the alert to disappear once you have generated your eInvoice. If the alert remains after this time, please contact OASIS Central.

How do I read my eInvoice?

A full breakdown of the eInvoice is available on the Student Administration and Fees website.