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Staff Profile

Dr Andrew Walsh

Dr Andrew Walsh Dr Andrew Walsh
Position Associate Supervisor
Faculty Faculty of Science and Engineering
School School of Science
Department Department of Physics and Astronomy
Campus Technology Park
Location 610.152
Phone 08 9266 9179

Brief Summary

Dr Walsh is a world-renowned expert in the formation of high-mass stars within our Milky Way Galaxy. He is the most accomplished researcher in the field of methanol masers and internationally recognised for his work in maser research. He has spearheaded multiple Galactic Plane surveys including HOPS, MALT-45, SPLASH and the first MWA survrey of molecular line emission at low frequencies. In addition to this, he is a major contributor to other surveys such as GASKAP, THOR, the Mopra CO survey and multiple surveys of the Central Molecular Zone of our Galaxy.

Dr Walsh is also an active researcher in diverse fields, such as astrochemistry, supernova remnants, asteroid orbital element determination, water fountains and evolved stars, accretion disks and the formation of planetary zones, history of astronomy, interstellar medium magnetic fields, planetary nebulae, ultracompact HII regions, gamma-ray astronomy, molecular cloud formation, Galactic structure, the centre of the Milky Way, maser parallax measurements and super star clusters.

In addition to his outstanding and diverse astrophysics research, Dr Walsh is also dedicated to the cause of addressing the very important issue of equity (eg. gender, ethnic background, disability) to make our workplaces a positive and balanced experience for all staff and students.

He is also an avid and enthusiastic presenter of his work to the public, with talks at small local groups, primary and high schools, pubs, clubs, conferences, as well as at TEDxPerth in 2014, with an audience of 1700 at Perth Concert hall and many more online. The online version of his TEDxPerth talk was the most popular that year, with over 4000 individual views.

Memberships, Awards and Training

Professional Awards

Senior Research Fellowship -  Curtin University (2014-2017)

Host organiser for the Astronomical Society of Australian ASM - Curtin University (2015)

ARC LIEF grant - NANTEN2 Consortium (2012-2017)

ARC LIEF grant - NANTEN2 consortium (2011)

ARC LIEF grant - NANTEN2 consortium (2010)

James Cook University Research Development Award (2008)

ARC LIEF grant - Water vapour radiometers (2008)


Member Faculty Self Assessment Team for Athena SWAN Bronze application (2016-present)

Chair of Curtin Development Committee (2016-present)

Member of Curtin Development Committee (2014-present)

Steering Committee Astronomical Society of Australia Women in Astronomy Chapter (2013-2016)

Co-chair of both SOC and LOC for Astronomical Society of Australia ASM conference (2015)

Chair of both LOC and SOC for "Great barriers in High Mass Star Formation" conference (2010)

Councillor of the Astronomical Society of Australia (2010-2013)

Member JCU School of Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Committee (2012)

Member JCU Faculty Communication and Consultation Committee (2010)

Member JCU School of Engineering and Physical Sciences Workload Model Committee (2009-2010)

Member JCU School of Engineering and Physical Sciences Senior Executive Committee (2009-2012)

JCU member representative Astronomy Australia Limited (2008-2012)

Member Australia Telescope Users Committee (2007-2010)

ATNF Time Assignment Committee (2006 and 2010-2014)

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Employment History

Senior Research Fellow - Curtin University (2013-present)

Associate Professor - James Cook University (2011-2012)

Director - Centre for Astronomy - James Cook University (2007-2012)

Senior Lecturer - James Cook University (2006-2010)

Postdoctoral Researcher - University of New South Wales (2004-2006)

Postdoctoral Researcher - Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (2001-2004)

Postdoctoral Researcher - Max Planck Institut fuer Radioastronomie (1998-2001)

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