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Staff Profile

Mr Samuel Nelson

Mr Samuel Nelson Mr Samuel Nelson
Position Sessional Academic
Faculty Faculty of Science and Engineering
School School of Civil and Mechanical Engineering
Department Sustainable Engineering Group
Campus Bentley Campus
Location 204.525
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Brief Summary

Sam Nelson has been an environmental accountant and scientific programmer with over 30 years experience in his profession.  During much of that time he has been a consultant working for scientific organisations and environmental management agencies on various data management, water quality measurement and numerical modelling projects. 

In 1998, Sam developed the first version of the Greenbase environmental accounting software.  He is currently a Principal Environmental Accountant at Greenbase helping to provide environmental reporting services for the majority of mining and minerals processing facilities in Australia. Sam also has experience as a non-Executive Board member of a biodiesel production company based in India and the UK, GaiaTech Fuels.

In 2010, Sam initiated the Australian Institute of Environmental Accounting (AIEA), a professional organisation focused on developing the profession of environmental accounting in Australia.  He has participated in the development of the AIEA since inception.

Memberships, Awards and Training

Sam has co-founded an NGO, Maia Maia,  a parent founded organisation focused on empowering our children to become leaders in facing the challenges of climate change.  Maia Maia, together with Coolbinia Primary School, won the United Nations in Australia Environmental School national award for 2015.

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Specialty Areas

Environmental Accounting, Emission Reduction Currency Systems

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Other Information



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