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Dr Richard Plotkin

Dr Richard Plotkin Dr Richard Plotkin
Position Senior Research Fellow
Faculty Faculty of Science and Engineering
School School of Science
Department Department of Physics and Astronomy
Campus Bentley Campus
Location 610.159
Phone 08 9266 3577
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Brief Summary

I am a research fellow at the Curtin Institute for Radio Astronomy.  My research focuses on accreting black holes, where I use multiwavelength space- and ground-based observations to study acrcretion over the full range of black hole masses (from stellar to supermassive) and accretion rates (from quiescent to super-Eddington).   My main research goal is to better understand the structure/geometry of accretion flows (and their outflows) in different accretion regimes, in order to more effectively use radiation as a probe of Galactic and extragalactic black hole populations, and to learn how black holes may impact their large-scale environments.

Research Interests

I want to better understand how matter accretes onto black holes through accretion disks, the physical mechanisms that produce radiation at different wavebands, and how much energy accreting black holes can deposit into their environments (through jets and winds). I am especially interested in how the above properties change and evolve at different accretion rates.

I believe that the best way to gain a complete picture of black hole accretion is by piecing together clues from different types of black holes, and by looking across the entire electromagnetic spectrum.  Each type of black hole offers a unique view of the same basic phenomenology, often highlighting specific physical mechanism(s) that are difficult to isolate in other types of systems.

Research Topics

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  • Anderson, S., B. Margon, W. Voges, R. Plotkin, D. Syphers, D. Haggard, M. Collinge, J. Meyer, M. Strauss, M. Agüeros et al. 2007.“A large, uniform sample of X-ray-emitting active galactic nuclei from the ROSAT all sky and Sloan digital sky surveys: The data release 5 sample.”Astronomical Journal 133 (1): 313-329.
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