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Staff Profile

Dr Rick De Vos

Dr Rick De Vos Dr Rick De Vos

BA (Curtin), BLitCom, PhD (Murdoch)

Position Adjunct Research Fellow
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
School Humanities Research and Graduate Studies
Department Centre for Culture and Technology
Campus Off campus
Location OFCMP
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Brief Summary

I conduct research in the area of anthropogenic extinction, particularly in terms of its cultural significance and the way that extinction is articulated and practiced.

Memberships, Awards and Training


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Employment History

2016 - present: Adjunct Research Fellow, Centre for Culture and Technology, Curtin University;

2012 - 2015:  Adjunct Research Fellow, School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts, Curtin University; 

2005 – 2011: Senior Lecturer, Centre for Aboriginal Studies, Curtin University;

2002 – 2005: Lecturer, Department of Communication and Cultural Studies, Curtin University;

2000 – 2001: Lecturer, School of Arts, Murdoch University;

1998 – 2000: Lecturer, Department of Theatre, Film and Television, University of Wales, Aberystwyth.

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Critical Theory; Cultural Studies; Postcolonial Literature; Australian Cinema; Australian Television; Indigenous Research Methodologies; Creative Research Methodologies; Performance Studies

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Research Fields

Environmental Sciences

Language, Communication and Culture

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Research Interests

Extinction: its cultural significance, and how it functions discursively in dialogue with other aspects of cultural life.

Marine mammals in the Arctic and Southern Oceans: culture, ecology and conservation.

Environmental change and species extinction in Australia: historical analysis.

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Specialty Areas

Animal Studies; Extinction Studies; Environmental Humanities; Species History


Recent conference presentations:

2015   'Narwhals, Sea-Ice and the Cost of a Late Departure'   Presented at the 2015 Australasian Animal Studies Association Conference, University of Melbourne, Australia

2014   ‘”The greatest affection”: pleasure and sorrow on the frontier’  Presented at the 2014 Association for the Study of Literature, Environment and Culture Conference (Affective Habitus), Australian National University

2013    ‘August 12, 1883: Fading stripes and a barking silence’  Presented at the 2013 Australian Animal Studies Group Conference, Sydney University, Australia

2012     ‘Huskies and Hunters: life and death in north-western Greenland’  Presented at the 2012 Animal Death Symposium, Sydney University,  Australia

 2011     ‘Thin Ice: Georg Steller and the Shape of Things to Come’  Presented at the 2011 Australian Animal Studies Group Conference, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia 

 2010    ‘Troubled Waters: Extinction and Cultural Studies’  Presented at the 2010 Cultural Studies Association of Australasia Conference, Southern Cross University, Byron Bay, Australia

 2009     ‘Imagining Extinction: Absent Parents, Hypothetical Species and the Lost Birds of Paradise’  Presented at the 2009 International Academic and Community Conference on Animals and Society, Newcastle, Australia

Other presentations:

September 2011: 'Marine Extinctions: Sea Cows, Coelacanths and the Shock of the New'. Curtin Corner:

November 2011: 'The Riddle of River Dolphins: Extinction and Evasion'.  AAPI Seminar, Curtin University.

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De Vos, R. 'Extinction in a Distant Land: The Question of Elliot's Bird of Paradise' in Extinction Studies: Stories of Time, Death and Generations, eds. D. B. Rose, T. van Dooren and M. Chrulew, 88-115. Columbia University Press, 2017.

De Vos, R. 'Provocations from the Field - Extinction, Encountering and the Exigencies of Forgetting', Animal Studies Journal, 6 (1), 2017, 1-11. 

De Vos, R. 'Stripes Faded, Barking Silenced: Remembering Quagga', Animal Studies Journal 3 (1), 2014, 29-45. 

De Vos, R. ‘Huskies and Hunters: Living and Dying in Arctic Greenland’ in Animal Death, eds. F. Probyn-Rapsey and J. Johnston, 277-292. Sydney University Press, 2013.

De Vos, R. and S. Forrest, ‘The Fringe Dwellers: Conversation, collaboration, assimilation’ in Telling Stories: Australian Life and Literature 1935-2012, eds. P. Genoni and T. Dalziell, 225-232, Melbourne: Monash University Publishing, 2013.

De Vos, R. ‘Extinction Stories: Performing Absence(s)’ in Knowing Animals, eds. L. Simmons and P. Armstrong, 183-195.  Leiden: Brill, 2007

De Vos, R. Imagination, Realisation and the Performing of Australia. Saarbrucken: Lambert, 2010 

De Vos, R. 'Review: Carol Freeman, Paper Tiger: How Pictures Shaped the Thylacine'. Animal Studies Journal. 4 (2), 2015, 189-194.

M. Chrulew and R. De Vos. (forthcoming) 'Extinction' in The Edinburgh Companion to Animal Studies, eds. L. Turner, U. Sellbach and R. Broglio. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2017.

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