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Curtin University
Staff Profile

Dr Jane Cunneen

Position Research Fellow
Faculty Faculty of Science and Engineering
School Western Australian School of Mines
Department Department of Applied Geology
Campus Bentley Campus
Location 314.158
Phone 08 9266 1343
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Brief Summary

Jane joined Curtin in June 2014 as a Research Fellow in Petroleum Geology.  Prior to that she worked in both the petroleum and minerals exploration industries, as well as spending seven years with the United Nations helping to develop the Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning System.  Jane received her PhD in geology from the University of Western Australia in 2005.

Memberships, Awards and Training

Treasurer for PESA WA (Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia, WA branch) for 2014-2015

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Employment History

2013 - 2014: Senior Geoscientist, International Geoscience Consultants

2006 - 2012: Programme Specialist, UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, Tsunami Unit

2005 - 2006: Senior Geoscientist, Geological Survey of Western Australia, Petroleum System Studies Group


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GEOL3001 Basin Analysis and Energy Resources (unit coordinator)

Geology 391 Field Mapping of Sedimentary Basins

MSc Geology Project 601/604 (Research project)

Applied Structural Geology (MSc)

Applied Sedimentology and Stratigraphy (MSc)

Petroleum Systems (MSc)

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Research Interests

Jane's research interests involve using 2D and 3D seismic data to study the structural evolution of sedimentary basins.  Specific areas of interest include fault population analysis, fault linkage and growth, and salt tectonics.  Other areas of interest include neotectonics, earthquake risk analysis and palaeotsunami research.

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Cunneen, J., and Elders, C. (2015) Cretaceous Fault Growth and Linkage in the Ceduna Shelf, Bight Basin, Southern Australia.  AAPG International Conference and Exhibition. DOI: 10.1190/ice2015-2208652

Clausen, D., Elders, C., Balim, Y., and Cunneen, J. (2015) Structural Evolution of the SE Margin of the Browse Basin.  ASEG Extended Abstracts. doi:  10.1190/ice2015-2153546

Kovacevic, M., Cunneen, J., and Elders, C. (2015) Evolution of detached listric fault systems in the Ceduna Delta, Bight Basin: Insights from 3D seismic data.  ASEG Extended Abstracts. doi: 10.1071/aseg2015ab012

Cunneen, J., Crowe, W., and Peters, G., (2015) Using potential field data to map salt distribution in the Western Officer Basin, Western Australia. ASEG Extended Abstracts. doi:  10.1071/aseg2015ab072

Cunneen, J., Crowe, W., and Peters, G., (2014). Cenozoic salt tectonics in the Officer Basin, Western Australia: implications for hydrocarbon exploration.  APPEA Journal 

Cunneen, J. (2011). The Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning and Mitigation System.  Australian Marine Sciences Association 48th Annual Conference. ISBN:  978-0-9587185-6-1

Cunneen, J. (2008).  The role of geoscience in developing the Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning System.  Abstract, Australian Earth Science Convention, 2008 (oral presentation)

Harrowfield, M., Cunneen, J., Keep, M., Crowe, W.  (2003). Early-stage orogenesis in the Timor Sea region, NW Australia.  Journal of the Geological Society of London, 160, 991-1001.

Cunneen, J.P. (2003)  Evolution of the Neogene fault population, Laminaria area, Timor Sea.  PESA News, June/July 2003.  

Cunneen, J.P., Keep, M., (2002) Analysis of Neogene Structures as a Tool for Determining Trap Breach in the Timor Sea, Northwest Australia.  AAPG Annual Convention 2002 abstract (oral presentation).

Cunneen, J.P. (2002) A Geometric Analysis of Neogene Fault Systems in the Timor Sea, Northwest Australia. AAPG Annual Convention 2002 abstracts (poster presentation).

Cunneen, J.P. (2001)  Neogene fault reactivation and structural styles in the Timor Sea, Northwest Australia.  Geological Society of Australia Abstracts Number 64. 

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