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Staff Profile

Dr Grant Cox

Dr Grant Cox Dr Grant Cox
Position University Associate
Faculty Faculty of Science and Engineering
School Western Australian School of Mines
Department Department of Applied Geology
Campus Bentley Campus
Location 312
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Brief Summary

My primary interest is the geochemistry of geological and environmental samples (i.e. rocks & sediments) and what geochemistry can tell us about elemental cycling within the earth system. The geochemistry utilised as a part of this work includes traditional major and trace element analysis as well as stable (13C, 34S, 56Fe) and radiogenic isotopes (U/Pb, Sm/Nd, Rb/Sr). My work to date has focussed on large igneous provinces and links to climate, nutrient availability and primary productivity.



Memberships, Awards and Training

Vanier Fellow of Canada

Tate Medal Winner - University of Adelaide


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Igneous Petrology and Geochemistry

Sedimentary Geochemistry

Isotope Geochemistry

Field School

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Research Interests

Current research projects:

Conference presentations

06/2016 Reconstructing the record of Continental Flood Basalt (CFB) and Ocean Island Basalt (OIB) geochemistry: initial results from a data mining approach. AESC 2016.

06/2016 Organic and inorganic geochemistry of the Mesoproterozoic Roper Seaway

05/2015 Searching for an extinction event at the end of the Earth. AGU Joint Assembly.

05/2015   New Age Constraints on Middle Ediacaran. Chemostratigraphy, Biostratigraphy, and the East African Orogeny from the Arabian Shield. AGU Joint Assembly.

10/2014   ChUMP (Chuar-Uninta Mountain-Pahrump) strata of the western U.S. record cretaceous – like ocean anoxic events (OES) before Snowball Earth. GSA Annual Meeting.

10/2014   A continental flood basalt driver for Neoproterozoic climate and oxygenation. GSA Annual Meeting.

10/2014   Characterizing the sedimentary provenance of Pre-Mississippian stratigraphy on the North Slope sub-terrane of Arctic Alaska. GSA Annual Meeting.

08/2013   Coupled climate-geochemical modelling of the connections between break-up of Rodinia, weathering of continental flood basalts, snowball glaciations and the strontium cycle. Goldschmidt 2013.

08/2013   Volcanic degassing of the Gunbarrel large igneous province and its environmental repercussions. Goldschmidt 2013.

08/2013   A multi-proxy record from a late Neoproterozoic volcano-sedimentary basin, eastern Arabian Shield. Goldschmidt 2013.

12/2010   Polyphase rifting within Rodinia as seen through multiple episodes of mafic volcanism within the Canadian Cordillera. AGU Fall Meeting.

8/2010   Geochronology of the Ad Dawadimi Terrane, Saudi Arabia: Implications for the timing of closure of the Mozambique Ocean. AGU Meeting of the Americas.

Peer reveiwed publications

Cox, G. M., Halverson, G. P., Poirier, A., Le Heron, D.P., Struass, J.V., Stevenson, R. S., 2016, A model for Cryogenian iron formation: Earth and Planetary Science Letters, v433, p280-292.

Cox, G. M., Strauss, J. V., Halverson, G. P., Schmitz, M. D., McClelland, W. C., Stevenson, R. S., and Macdonald, F. A., 2015, Kikiktat Volcanics of Arctic Alaska  – Melting of harzburgitic mantle associated with the Franklin Large Igneous Province: Lithosphere, 7, 3, pg. 275-295.

Nettle, D., Halverson, G. P., Cox, G. M., Collins, A. S., Schmitz, M., Gehling, J., Johnson, P. R., and Kadi, K., 2014, A middle–late Ediacaran volcano-sedimentary record from the eastern Arabian-Nubian shield: Terra Nova, v. 26 p.120-129.

Cox, G. M., Halverson, G. P., Minarik, W. G., Le Heron, D. P., Macdonald, F. A., Bellefroid, E. J., and Strauss, J. V., 2013, Neoproterozoic iron formation: An evaluation of its temporal, environmental and tectonic significance: Chemical Geology, v. 362, no. 0, p. 232-249.

Cox, G. M., Roots, C. F., Halverson, G. P., Minarik, W. G., Macdonald, F. A., and Hubert-Theou, L., 2013, Mount Harper Volcanic Complex, Ogilvie Mountains: A far-flung occurrence of the Franklin igneous event?, in MacFarlane, K. E., Nordling, M. G., and Sack, P. J., eds., Yukon Exploration Geology 2012: Whitehorse, Yukon Geological Survey, p. 19-36.

Badr, M.J., Collins, A.S., Masioudi, F., Cox, G.M., Mohajjel, M. (2013) The U-Pb age, geochemistry and tectonic significance of granitoids in the Soursat Complex, Northwest Iran. Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences, 22(1): p1-31.

Macdonald, F. A., Halverson, G. P., Strauss, J. V., Smith, E. F., Cox, G.M., Sperling, E. A., and Roots, C. F., 2012, Early Neoproterozoic Basin Formation in Yukon, Canada: Implications for the make-up and break-up of Rodinia: Geoscience Canada, v. 39, p. 77-99.

Cox, G. M., Lewis, C. J., Collins, A. S., Halverson, G. P., Jourdan, F., Foden, J., Nettle, D., and Kattan, F., 2012, Ediacaran terrane accretion within the Arabian-Nubian Shield: Gondwana Research, v. 21, p. 341-352.

Hoffman, P.F., Halverson, G.P., Domack, E.W., Swanson-Hysell, N.L., and Maloof, A.C., Cox, G.M., 2012, Cryogenian glaciations on the southern tropical paleomargin of Laurentia (NE Svalbard and East Greenland), and a primary origin for the upper Russya (Islay) carbon isotope excursion: Precambrian Research, v. 206–207, p. 137–158. 

Le Heron, D. P., Cox, G.M., Trundley, A., and Collins, A., 2011, Sea ice free conditions during the Sturtian glaciation (early Cryogenian), South Australia: Geology, v. 39, no. 1, p. 31-34.

Le Heron, D. P., Cox, G.M., Trundley, A., and Collins, A. S., 2011, Two Cryogenian glacial successions compared: Aspects of the Sturt and Elatina sediment records of South Australia: Precambrian Research, v. 186.

Macdonald, F.A., Smith, E.F., Strauss, J.V., Cox, G.M., Halverson, G.P. and Roots, C.F., (2011) Neoproterozoic and early Paleozoic correlations in the western Ogilvie Mountains, Yukon. In: Yukon Exploration and Geology 2010, K.E. MacFarlane, L.H. Weston and C. Relf (eds.), Yukon Geological Survey, p 161-182.

PhD Thesis

Cox, G.M., 2015, Linking tectonics, LIP Emplacement and Environmental Change in the Cryogenian [P.h.D. Thesis]: McGill University, 301 p.

Non peer reviewed reports

Macdonald, F. A., Eyster, A. E., and Cox, G. M., 2015, The Franklin Large Igneous Province and Initiation of the Sturtian Snowball Earth Glaciation:, International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior.

Cox, G. M., 2011, Jebel Tays ophiolitic thrust sheet, Saudi Arabia: Tectonic setting, petrogenesis and geochronological framework: Saudi Geological Survey Technical Report SGS-TR-2010-6.

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Journal Articles (Research)

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PhD Opportunities

I currently have oportunties for two PhD students, the projects are:

  1. Geochemistry of Precambrian ocean island basalts. This project seeks to identify Precambrian OIB occurrences and build a record of oceanic flood volcanism to compliment the existing continental flood basalt record. Ultimately this project seeks to improve our understanding of the geodynamic and environmental impact of flood volcansim in the Precambrian.
  2. Geochemistry of black shales from Mesoproterozoic basins utilising major, trace and Nd isotopes to investiagate the role of magmatism plays in driving nutrient availbility and primary productivity.


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