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Curtin University
Staff Profile

Associate Professor Cecilie Thogersen-Ntoumani

Associate Professor Cecilie Thogersen-Ntoumani Associate Professor Cecilie Thogersen-Ntoumani
Position Associate Professor
Faculty Faculty of Health Sciences
School School of Psychology and Speech Pathology
Campus Bentley Campus
Location 401.341
Phone 08 9266 5171
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Brief Summary

I joined the Health Psychology and Behavioural Medicine Research Group in the School of Psychology & Speech Pathology at Curtin University in July 2014. Prior to that, I was based at the University of Birmingham for 8 years first as a RCUK Fellow (2006-2011), then a Lecturer (2011-2013), then a Senior Lecturer (2013-2014). Between 2002 and 2006, I held various other permanent academic positions in the UK (Aberystwyth University, and the University of Wolverhampton). I am also an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Birmingham, UK. I obtained my PhD in Exercise & Health Sciences from the University of Bristol (UK) in March 2003.

Research Interests

The majority of my research centres on four inter-related themes: physical activity, well-being, health and body image. Specific areas of interest and expertise relate to:

Physical activity behaviour change across various life contexts (workplace, older adults, communities)

Using contemporary psychological theories to design, implement and evaluate physical activity interventions designed to optimise health and well-being

The synergistic roles of the physical environment and motivation to changes in health behaviour and well-being

The role of body image to health behaviours and well-being across different life transitions (e.g., menopause, adolescence)

Other duties include being a Section Editor for the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sport, Associate Editor for the International Journal of Sport Psychology, and serving on the scientific board of the European College of Sports Science. At University level, I am currently a member of Your Voice reference group and the Faculty of Health Sciences ATHENA Swan self-assessment team. I supervise PhD, MSc, and Honours students, plus BPsych project students. So far, I have supervised 7 PhD students to completion, several of whom have won international awards for their PhD work (e.g., International Society for Behavioural Nutrition and Physical Activity, British Menopause Society).

I have obtained external research funding from a range of sources, including Healthway, Defence Science Technology, Hospital Research Foundations, the BUPA Foundation, Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation, the Welsh Forestry Commission, the Countryside Council for Wales, the Nuffield Foundation, and Les Mills International.

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Other Information

Research Supervison

I have successfully supervised as a primary or secondary supervisor 7 PhD students.

Students interested for a PhD under my supervision should:
a) Send me their CV.
b) Send me an indication of the research area they are interested in.
c) Explain how they are planning to fund their PhD

Sample publications:

Quested, E., Ntoumanis, N., Thøgersen-Ntoumani, C., Hagger, M. S., & Hancox, J. (2016). Evaluating quality of implementation in physical activity interventions based on theories of motivation: Current challenges and future directions. International Review of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 10, 252-269. DOI: 10.1080/1750984X.2016.1217342.

Thøgersen-Ntoumani, C., Ng, J. Y., Ntoumanis, N., Chatzisarantis, N., Vlachopoulos, S., Katartzi, E., & Nikitaras, N. (2016). ‘Mum’s the Word’: Predictors and Outcomes of Weight Concerns in Pre-Adolescent and Early Adolescent Girls. Body Image, 16, 107-112. Doi: 10.1016/j.bodyim.2015.12.004.

Kinnafick, F. – E., Thøgersen-Ntoumani, C., & Duda, J. L. (2016). The effect of need supportive text messages on motivation and physical activity behaviour. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 39, 574-586. DOI: 10.1007/s10865-016-9722-1.

Thøgersen-Ntoumani, C., Shepherd, S. O., Ntoumanis, N., Wagenmakers, A. J. M., & Shaw, C. S. (2016). Intrinsic motivation in two exercise interventions: Associations with fitness and body composition. Health Psychology, 35, 195-198.

Thøgersen-Ntoumani, C., Loughren, E. A., Kinnafick, F. –E., Taylor, I. M., Duda, J. L., & Fox, K. R. (2015). Changes in work affect in response to lunchtime walking in previously inactive employees: A randomized trial. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports, 25, 778-787. DOI: 10.1111/sms.12398.

Pearce, G., Thøgersen-Ntoumani, C., & Duda, J. L. (2014). Body image during the menopausal transition: A systematic scoping review. Health Psychology Review, 8, 73-489. DOI: 10.1080/17437199.2013.848408. 

Thøgersen-Ntoumani, C., Loughren, E., Duda, J. L., & Fox, K. R. (2014). Step by Step: The feasibility of a 16-week workplace lunchtime walking intervention for physically inactive employees. Journal of Physical Activity & Health, 11, 1354-1361. DOI: 10.1123/jpah.2012-0243.

Kinnafick, F.-E., & Thøgersen-Ntoumani, C. (2014). The effect of the physical environment and levels of activity on affective states. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 38, 241-251. DOI: 10.1016/j.jenvp.2014.02.007.

Kinnafick, F.–E., Thøgersen-Ntoumani, C., & Duda, J. L. (2014). Physical activity adoption to adherence, lapse and drop-out: A Self-Determination Theory perspective. Qualitative Health Research, 24, 706-718. DOI: 10.1177/1049732314528811.

Thøgersen-Ntoumani, C., Ntoumanis, N., & Nikitaras, N. (2010). Unhealthy weight control behaviours in adolescent girls: A process model based on Self-Determination Theory. Psychology & Health, 25, 535-550. DOI: 10.1080/08870440902783628.

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