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Wireless network details

The Curtin Wireless network, available at all WA Curtin campuses, can be accessed using an OASIS username and password by any Curtin student enrolled or student whose home institution is a member of the eduroam community.

Account status

To check the status of your wireless credentials, click on the View your account details link from the Account Management channel.

Image of the account management channel

The status of your wireless credentials will appear in the Account Details channel under the Wireless Network Details heading.

If you are unable to access the wireless network and your Wireless Network Details show any message other than the "Your wireless credentials are OK", as displayed below, submit an online webform by clicking Contact Us from the top right corner of any OASIS window. Be sure to include the message that is displayed and where you are trying to access the wireless network from.

Image of wireless network details message

For information on current and future locations, computer configurations, troubleshooting and frequently asked questions visit the Curtin Wireless and eduroam web site.

eduroam community

Curtin is a member of the eduroam community. eduroam (EDUcation ROAMing) is an initiative that enables students, researchers and staff to gain access to the wireless network of a participating institution which they are visiting.

For more information about eduroam including laptop computer configuration details and links to participating institutions please visit the Curtin Wireless and eduroam website.