Password Synchronisation

NOTE: Please read the on-screen instructions when changing your OASIS password. If you have any queries at all please contact the CITS Service Desk for guidance.

When you activate or change your password within OASIS the synchronisation process should take around 2 to 3 minutes to complete.

Whenever you change your password, please follow the steps below:

  1. Close your Outlook email client
  2. Disconnect or turn off any mobile devices (mobile, iPad, etc) connected to the Curtin Wireless network - You will need to change your password on those devices later.
  3. If you have Curtin Wireless configured on your laptop, you will need to update your login details after changing your OASIS password. Read the additional information on wireless setup for further instructions.
  4. Activate or change your portal password. Please note, it can take 2 to 3 minutes for your password to synchronise with the network.
  5. Make sure you can login to OASIS using the new password
  6. Log out of OASIS
  7. Log out of your computer (you don't need to shutdown and restart your computer, just log off)
  8. Log in to your computer with the new password

If you experience any issues following the above steps, please contact the CITS Service Desk for guidance.

The new password should be used when accessing your computer, email, wireless network, library databases and other IT services that require you to login using OASIS credentials.

For information on the Curtin Wireless and the eduroam wireless networks, as well as detailed instructions on setting up your personal device, visit the Curtin Wireless and eduroam website.

This synchronisation of passwords will reduce the number of passwords which you need to remember on a daily basis. It also allows for single sign-on to Web Outlook and a number of intranets which use your OASIS credentials.

As OASIS develops, we will be capable of providing single sign-on to more and more systems and services, making for secure but efficient access to the tools necessary to support you in your work at Curtin.

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