Personalised Channels

Many of the channels within OASIS for Staff can be personalised by hiding items that are not used and adding new links to services that are used regularly.

The following tabs include channels that can be personalised:

All channels that can be personalised will include a Personalise button.

personalised channel

Clicking on the button will redisplay the channel as follows:

edit channel

The screen displays the Name and Description of the System Provided Links in the order in which they appear within the OASIS channel. To hide a link simply check the "Hidden" box alongside the item and click the save button.

Adding New Links to a Channel

Click on the New Link button, the channel will redisplay as follows:

add link


Click on the Create button.

The channel will re-display as follows:

edit channel

If you have several User Links you can sort them by using the arrows at the right to move them up and down:

edit channel

The new link will be displayed under the heading User Links.

User links can be updated and deleted by using the actions buttons alongside the item.

To return to the normal channel view click on the Back to View button:

personalised channel

Any User Links will appear after the System Provided links.

Close Window