OASIS Help - Student

Usage Requirements

You can access OASIS both on and off campus using a web browser on any computer that is connected to the Internet. Once you are enrolled at Curtin, you will have access to computer labs on campus.

The following minimum software and display specifications are recommended:

Computers with different specifications may be able to access OASIS, but Curtin does not guarantee availability of services with such systems.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Pop-up problems

There have been problems with buttons such as "compose", "reply", "forward" in Student Email.

It has been discovered that Norton Personal Firewall's Ad Blocking feature blocks all popup windows when activated. If you are running this or similar software with ad blocking features, disable it and then test by clicking the "compose" button in Student Email.

Note that "similar software" may include:

In most cases you will not need to disable the entire program - there should be an option for disabling popup blocking or adding "curtin.edu.au" to a list of safe websites (websites for which you do NOT wish to have pop-ups blocked).

Please consult the manual or documentation for your software for specific instructions on allowing these popup windows to open.

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