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About OASIS - for students

OASIS is Curtin University of Technology's portal for staff and students. It is a "one-stop-shop" for delivering eServices and is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Once you have logged in to OASIS using your Curtin ID and password, you will have access to a whole range of different services without the need to log in again to each one.

In 2014, Curtin students logged into OASIS almost 300,000 times each week!

What can I do in OASIS?

There are a range of services you have access to via OASIS. Listed below are some of the services offered and a number of applications that can be accessed from OASIS which make your life as a student much easier!

Note: Once you are logged in to OASIS, you will have access to more extensive OASIS Help on the above services.

Who Has Access to OASIS?

Once you are offered a place in an course that leads to, or is capable of leading to, an award at Curtin, you will automatically have access to OASIS and its core services. Once you enrol, you will receive access to additional services, including access to the Curtin network, the Library and Blackboard.

If you are terminated from your course, withdraw or defer, you will lose your access to OASIS after 45 days. If you do not accept your offer before its lapse date, you will lose your OASIS access immediately. If you take an approved leave of absence, you will continue to have access to OASIS over your period of leave. After completing your course at Curtin, you continue to have access to OASIS and student email - for life!

Must I use OASIS?

Yes. You will be sent official communications from the University via OASIS. It is your responsibility to access OASIS regularly (at least weekly) in order to read these messages. OASIS also provides you with your only means of accessing eStudent and access to a whole range of other useful services.

What If I Can't Access OASIS?

If you are unable to access services provided through OASIS due to a medical condition, disability, or some other compelling reason, you can apply for an exemption from using OASIS. Requests for exemption will be approved only in exceptional circumstances, and only where clear evidence of a genuine inability to access OASIS is provided. If you can access OASIS at least once a week (e.g. from an Abacus lab computer), this is considered sufficient and would not warrant eExemption. Students who wish to apply for an exemption must complete an Application for eExemption form.

Forms can also be printed from Student Services, Student Service Offices or the University Counselling Service.

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