My eApplications

eApplications are online applications for new courses. The My eApplications page allows you to view and edit your existing applications.


Application preferences

If you have more than one submitted application, you can number your applications in order of preference by clicking the Change Preferences button. On the next page, update the Application Preference No. on the far right of the grid (with 1 being first preference) and click Save.


Supporting documentation

You can continue to upload supporting documentation either in addition to or to replace existing uploaded documentation.

If you have submitted your application, you can do this by clicking Upload Supporting Documentation. For incomplete applications, you will be able to upload while completing your application under View Application.


Why don't I have any applications listed here?

eApplications only include those applications submitted through the online portal. Any other applications, including 'hard copy' forms and those submitted through TISC or other institutions will not be listed.

If you believe you have submitted an application through ApplyNow! and it is not showing under My eApplications, please contact OASIS Central for assistance.


How do I edit my application?

Incomplete applications may be edited at any time by selecting the appropriate application and then clicking the View Application button.

If you have already completed your application, you will only be able to upload supporting documentation. If you would like to make any changes to details on the submitted application, please contact your Student Service Office for assistance.


Can I print a cover sheet for my application?

If you have submitted a completed application, you are able to print a hard copy cover sheet for it by clicking the Print Cover Sheet button on the View Applications page. Incomplete applications do not have this ability.


How do I withdraw my application?

Completed applications can be withdrawn at any time by using the View Applications button. Scroll to the bottom of the page and then click the Withdraw application button.

If you would like to withdraw a currently incomplete application, please contact your Student Service Office for assistance.


What does my Unassessed application status mean?

Upon submitting your application, please note that the application will remain with a status of ‘Unassessed’. However, please be assured that your application is being reviewed.

Domestic students’ applications will be assessed after the closing date.

International students who have not received an application outcome within 10 business days, may wish to email Curtin International at to check on the status of their application.