My Documents


What documents are available?

The My Documents tab in eStudent provides you with access to documents generated from the Curtin student database. The following documents are currently available on the My Documents tab:

  • eInvoices - generated from December 2010. Note: You are required to generate your own eInvoices.
  • eCANs (Commonwealth Assistance Notices) - from November 2011. Note: eCANs will automatically appear on the My Documents tab for eligible students. You do not need to generate your own eCANs. Find out more about eCANs.


How to view your documents

  1. Go to the My Documents tab.
  2. Click on Show document list.
  3. Viewable documents will be listed below. Only documents generated in the last 1200 days will be displayed.
  4. Click on View this document for the document you wish to view.
  5. A new page will open. Click on the document file name. The document will then open in a new window.


How to view documents that are more than 1200 days old

Only eInvoices and eCANs are currently available in My Documents. To view eInvoices or eCANs generated more than 1200 days ago (or before December 2010 for eInvoices or before November 2011 for eCANs), please contact Student Administration and Fees.


How to view documents that are not currently available on My Documents

To view documents that are not currently available in My Documents, contact the Student Service Centre for assistance. If you require a copy of official documents (including your academic transcript, letter of course completion or letter to confirm enrolment) you can use the online Official Document Request form on the Quick Forms channel in OASIS.