My Agreements

The My Agreements tab allows you to view the details of any past or current agreements that have been placed onto your student account. On the My Agreements tab you can:

  • View your obligations
  • Agree to your obligations
  • Track the progress of your obligations

Note: The My Agreements tab will only display information to students who have had an agreement in place.

Agreement Details

Agreement Status: Indicates the stage and progress of the agreement.
  • Active: The agreement has been finalised and is in progress
  • Completed: All obligations have been satisfied and the agreement has concluded
  • Breached: The agreement has exceeded the expected completion time but is still active
  • Expired: The agreement has exceeded the expected completion time and is no longer active.

Commencement Date: Indicates the date that the agreement began.
Course: Indicates the course that the agreement is attached to.
Confirmed by Student: Indicates the date that the student confirmed the agreement.
Party: Indicates the party, organisation or student who is obligated to fulfil the requirement as part of the agreement.
Obligation: Indicates the individual requirements that make up an agreement. Obligations range from achieving satisfactory course progression to utilizing support services.
Due Date: Indicates the date the obligation is due to be fulfilled.
Satisfied: Indicates whether or not an obligation is currently considered to have been met. The satisfied status will change from No to Yes as the requirements of your obligation(s) are periodically reviewed and deemed met.
For further information relating to the specifics of your agreement please contact your Student Service Office.

Support Services

For assistance improving your academic performance the university offers the following support services that can be utilised free of charge: